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  • maybe something rudimentall is wrong, i swear it used to work, i don't know what i did...

    (how is rudimentall wrong in spell checker)




    involving or limited to basic principles.

    *note used to have solid behavior like the rock*

    I've had similar problems before, even rpg maker gave out on obvious code... is construct just not powerful enough to deal with this scenario? or do i write incorrectly?

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugvb9skj2onl7 ... .capx?dl=0

    i had the pick up code written, but out of desperation i edited it to just alter text, to test it.

    if anyone wants to play this, i'd suggest moving the playerbase to the start, its based on a dream i had

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ucvlgjxhbdl8 ... m.png?dl=0

    if it works, maybe my computer just gave in (i did this all 2night, so maybe i'm tired). sorry if this is a boring read code problem, but i edited it to make it simple.

    i know redoing the whole code can fix the problem, but i bet i'll get a similar problem later on.

    G picks up, D drop items (one item, unless you overlap 2 things/ this will be a weight/str system later)

    *edit*i undo(ed) the steps and saved at the point before i tried making the mouse follow the cheese, my cpu usage spiked to 99% (maybe because i left the game on) now it won't save(is still attempting). I doubt i'll ever make a full (good) game at this rate. Soon i'll get a new computer, whats the best hardware to have? *i updated my driver software recently* this is exactly why i leave unity alone...

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  • Hey Hero, the root of your problem is that the cheese has it's collisions property disabled (click the cheese then look at the panel on the left hand side where it says Collisions). This means it wont detect collisions even if you have it coded up in events.

    The biggest tip I can share with you on how to determine if it a user error or a bug is to always start a brand new project when you run into a problem and keep it as simple as possible. If it works in the new project you know you have done something wrong.

    Don't despair mate, it may seem like you are hitting a brick wall now but all the 'failed' troubleshooting attempts really end up helping you in the end to diagnose future problems. Keep motivated and we will see a great game out of you yet I am sure.

  • Closing as this is not a bug report. Consider posting in the "How do I" forum instead.

  • thanks guys! actually i got lots of run time errors, but i think its because of multiple pick locations for the mouse running simultaneously, i was debating the how to forum, but i seemed to clean it up

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