Physics: revolve-joint bug

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  • I seem to have found a physics bug. I�m working on a Favourite Features entry for revolve-joint, but occasionally the physics breaks. There are several scenarios, but the most repeatable is to spin until the balloons happen to touch, blocking movement. The next spin will result in these balloons not moving, unless they happen to be hit by the third balloon - then they jump to their revolve-joint position and behave as expected.

    There are other scenarios where even with no balloon touching any other, they all remain stationary indefinitely.


  • I would think this is not a bug, but just the fact Physics doesn't interact well with other behaviors, as described in the Physics Basics tutorial. For example, you should definitely make the board spin by setting the Physics angular velocity. Using the Rotate behavior will cause the Physics behavior to keep "teleporting" the object round to keep up with the other behavior, which could cause weird things to happen. Does it work better if you do it that way?

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  • Keeping everything as Physics does appear to work better, although it takes more work for the same result. Close this bug.

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