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  • Hey guys,

    I'm playing around with the physics. I want to dynamically create some scenery, on start of layout.

    I have a rectangle sprite called "ground", I placed its "Origin" in the top left corner. I want to resize this ground sprite so that it covers the lower part of the screen.

    But what I found is that when I add the Physics behavior, the origin seems not to be taken into account when placing objects at X/Y coordinates.

    Is this the expected behavior? (I tried to find references on this site, but could not).

    For exemplification here's a simple capx with the minimum to explain this.

    I create 2 sprites dynamically, GroundWithPhysics and GroundWithoutPhysics. They have the same origin (top left corner), but they get placed differently on the X axis (perhaps on the Y axis too).

    Is this expected? If yes, why?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Forgot the capx link:

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  • Sounds like it might be a bug, moving to bugs forum to check out later.

  • Thanks. Looking forward to the fix then :)

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