Physics Behavior Bug - Graphics vs. Motion

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  • Problem Description

    A Physics (behavior) object falling due to gravity will suddenly "stop" if its being transformed (size changed).

    This happens in all latest versions of C2 - Not sure if it is since the beginning!

    This is the simplest way to identify this bug:

    Create a Sprite --> "Square" --> Behavior --> Physics

    Event: At timer > 1.5, Action: Square.width = Square.width - 1

    Observation: Square starts to fall normally, until time > 2, it stops right there and reduces its size.

    Expectation: The square should have continued to fall during transformation, because Physics behavior and motion should be independent on the size/shape (i.e. graphics) of the object !

    Secondly, it defies "Physics" with that unnecessary pause in motion.

    Am I right?

    EDIT: CAPX File - Download here:

    I can't find an option to attach a file? - is this normal?

  • You are also required to post a *.capx project file for quick verification. I recommend you create a simple one before Ashley checks in.

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  • Your .capx link does not work, it just redirects to the filedropper front page. Try dropbox instead. Closing, please post a new report that follows all the bug report guidelines.

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