Phonegap textbox bug(r174)

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  • Problem Description

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    Attach a Capx

    Here I just have a simple TextBox object and nothing special.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Open app on Phonegap
    • Tap on textbox

    Observed Result

    All the layout became smaller and background became black.

    Here's two photos.

    1st - app without touching textbox

    2nd - app after touching textbox

    Expected Result

    The layout wouldn't change in size and wouldn't become black

    Affected Browsers

    • Phonegap: YES
    • Chrome: NO
    • FireFox: NO
    • Internet Explorer: NO

    Operating System and Service Pack

    PC: Windows 7 Professional 64bit

    Phone: HTC Desire S (Android 4.2)

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Construct r174

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  • Can you reproduce this on any system using Android 4.4+? The older Android webviews in PhoneGap are completely crap and this could well be an OS bug.

    Please always attach a .capx so we can reproduce exactly what you've got.

  • sergyperov, I have the same issue.

    finally ,I found a guy with the same Confused...

  • - please do not reply to closed bug reports. If you still have an issue please file a new bug report providing all the information requested; this issue was closed due to incomplete information.

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