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  • Problem Description

    "Pause on unfocus" is set to no but my game does pause on unfocus

    the bug only shows after export, in preview everything works as suspected

    Attach a Capx

    comes later, i have to do one but the two newest games i made have this bug so i think its a quite new bug, i figure its there since 174, but have to make more tests

    EDIT: i just checked and its also present in 174 :/

    This bug is realy frustrating because the games with it will fail FGL QA Test :/

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1
    • Step 2
    • Step 3 etc.

    Observed Result

    the game is paused while unfocused

    Expected Result

    the game should not be paused while unfocused

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: YES
    • FireFox: YES

    Operating System and Service Pack


    Construct 2 Version ID

    175, 174, ??

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  • i just saw "Pause on unfocus: During Preview only...", was it like this all the time? sorry if it had

  • Ashley has always said that he doesn't want to allow a program to continue when not focused, as it is a constant drain on resources and battery.

  • This is by design, the 'pause on unfocus' option only affects preview mode. Why would that make games fail FGL QA test if they keep running if you unfocus the browser? That's what every other browser game does.

  • im wondering this too, fact is two of my games failed the qa test with weird behaviour (all the assets where just crumbled at x:0 y:0 and the game didnt load, i couldnt reproduce that failure on any device, not even in the amazon web app tester but i saw screenshots of it) and they passed qa after i set pause on unfocus to no, i never noticed before that all exported games pause automatically on unfocus and the option is only for preview, so sorry for that bug report i just paniced when i noticed that the game pauses and the option was set to no, so i thought the new game will fail the qa again.

  • You can use System: On start of layout: Browser: Execute javascript "cr_setSuspended = function() {};" to get around this.

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