Pathfinding Issues with Increased Timescale

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  • There was no template so I hope I'm entering the info needed here. For reasons I cannot explain increasing the timescale seems to break pathfinding. Basically I'm trying to make a system similar to waiting in Elder Scrolls, where the player is idle but NPCs and events still happen around them.

    What ends up happening is the sprite that is pathfinding around the layout ends up getting stuck on nothing or going in circles endlessly for no real reason. It seems to happen at random when the timescale is more than 1 and like I said it doesn't even need to be hitting another object to glitch out. If the sprite is glitching out you can lower the timescale back to 1 and it will fix itself immediately.

    This problem only seems to occur when increasing the timescale. Originally, I increased the timescale to 100 which broke pathfinding 100% of the time from what I remember. I lowered the timescale to 50 and now I still get issues a vast majority of the time, the last 5 tests I ran all showed the issue at least. I've tested in all browsers and the results are the same, most of my testing has been done in NW.js though since that is what the game will ultimately use.

    The link to the capx is below, I haven't used drive in a while so if the link doesn't work let me know.

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  • A timescale of 50 is extremely high and will mean every tick the object steps a very large distance. Construct isn't designed to handle this. If you want to make a kind of fast-forward feature, you'll need to implement it differently without relying on the movement system. Closing as won't fix.

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