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  • Hello okay? I have a problem here could help me? I did a shoot enemy bullets, but the bullets are passing behind the sprite floor.

    The layers are in the following order:

    layer: Character (3)

    layer punctuation (2)

    layer: ground (1)

    layer: background (0)

    is as follows; the sprite of the enemy and the bullet are in sprite (layer: character).

    the sprite is in the ground (layer: ground).

    z order: I put the (bullet sprite) as the second and the (enemy sprite) and (sprite floor) below them, but even so the bullet sprite sprite goes behind the ground.

    I do not know if the problem is construct 2 or is something wrong that has not realized.

    Thank you for your attention and thanks!

    Signed: Michael Anderson

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  • If you are using Create to generate your bullets, you probably aren't setting the layer, which will default them to layer 0, which is Background (behind everything).

  • This is the Bugs forum, and this is not a bug report, so closed. Consider posting in 'How do I'.

  • Thank you for blackhornet help, this day spent all day in construct 2 and this problem appeared and I was not lying , but I stopped for half an hour " chilled head " breathed counted to 10 kkk . I returned to constrfuct 2 and found "my" mistake. I did not choose the layer where the object would be created , then the system randomly chose . I am very grateful for your help , I intend in the future to be a great developers like gaming , but while this study some tutorials is what I have to learn because where I live has no course designer games , but better than the Internet does not have , " not really? " .

  • Sorry Ashley , will not not happen again .

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