Old bug, look like it's go from old relise to new

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  • I see this bug many times in old relises of SC, and it was one of things why I don't upgrade from free edition. A few day ago I come back to idea make an upgrade (you make a awesome work!) and was very surprised that bug still exist.

    You can easily found this here for example


    (great game btw)

    Sometimes controlled character (object) don't move in this or that direction from keybord. (You can press button many times but character "stuck") But if you press opposite direction move button, he start going.

    Step by step: controlled character don't want to move right. Press button "move left" (opposite direction) once, now controlled character can move in needed (right) direction again.

    Usually, it happened close to screen (game) borders or close to another textures/object with "solid" properties.

    It will be very good, if someone can fix it. This is very annoying.

  • I think this happens because of the Polygon Collision Based, if you see, when you add a solid behavior to an object, it automatically receives the Plygon Collision for make that solid, but sometimes you need to correct these Polycons to your taste.

  • but sometimes you need to correct these Polycons to your taste.

    Can you please explaine me "how" or give me an example?

    Thank you for attention.

    p.s. anyway I think current situation with this bug far away from ideal.

  • I have played the game you linked to, and I cannot find anything wrong with the moment at all. It appears to be working correctly.

    Please see how to report bugs. Can you share a .capx demonstrating the problem in a minimal project? Also, to be sure I'm not misunderstanding the problem, can you describe the exact sequence of key presses to reproduce the problem? Is it also consistent across all browsers? I was using Chrome and did not see a problem.

  • First of all thank you for your attention, Ashley.

    This is my old project with same bug (sorry, Dropbox don't allow to launch games online anymore, need post list of all files or zip):


    Sometimes controlled character "stuck" or even go to opposite direction.

    This but repeat from time to time, not always.

    I will try to found .capx file with it.

    p.s. If anyone see the same but in your works - please share your expirience.

    p.p.s. I play only in Chrome (ver 16), so I don't know is this error occur in any another browser.

  • DeusEx - I still cannot reproduce any problem in that project (please also remember to share .capx files, not exported projects). I tried Chrome. Which browsers are you using or have you tried? Let me know if you can come up with steps to reliably reproduce this.

  • Ashley, I in progress of trying reproduce this bug.

    I use only Chrome (ver. 16)

    I will try to write bug moment via FRAPS.

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  • You should always try all browsers (IE9, Firefox, Opera etc) when making a bug report, and let us know how it works in each one. It may be a bug in Chrome and not C2's fault, and this information helps us work that out.

  • In this video I try to show how this bug "work". I can move character up and down, but I am unable to move it left... until I press button with opposite direction (right). After this controlled character can move left again.


    So: "try to press left" -> no any reaction -> can move in any direction except left -> "press move right button (in the opposite direction from that which character can not go)" -> after this character can move left

    Warning: this bug appear time to time in different situations even in same game. But the one thing is always present: controlled character are near screen/game borders OR near solid object.

    Sorry for video size - I have not any software to compress it. FRAPS take only 30 second in free version.

    update: This bug sometimes exist even in games with only tiled backgrounds and no any "solid" objects. In this situation controlled character stuck near game/screen border.

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