NW.js export gives black screen... (Also cannot use minify despite having Java 64bit installed)

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  • Hello, I've been trying to export a game of about 750 events using NW.js.

    The game is a demo of a commercial game I've been making and I want to send it to one of my friends for testing.

    Whatever option I use all I get is a black screen though. No music no anything.

    I am using v0.30.0.

    I've been reluctant to update since the game's performance was great and I was afraid of breaking it with upgrading. Do you think that is the problem?

    Also, I am not able to use the option to Minify the script even though I have Java 64 bit installed.

    Could anyone help me with this please?

    I'm getting very desperate.


    I've just tried using Electron and the same thing happens; Works great in preview, but black screen in export...

    EDIT 2:

    I've tried to export to HTML and upload the game on itch.io.

    Same issue...

    I've also tried newer version of NW.js and older (28.9) and still the same thing happens.

    Meanwhile Preview works fine in Chrome and Nw.js...

  • I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to help unless you provide a sample project. Please see the bug report guidelines.

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  • Sorry, I forgot to update this thread, All's well, turns out it was a bug in a custom behavior I used that has been fixed by its author.

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