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  • Hello I've just started work with Construct 2, but I can't load my saved projects. If I want to load them, I'll get this error

    <img src="" border="0">

    Here is the capx File

    Any ideas?

  • Hey,

    I've had a look through the project and it looks like the last time it was saved it was interrupted before it finished. Event sheet 2's file went missing, and some other events looked like they'd been corrupted.

    I'm not sure what happened. Can you remember what were you doing before the last time you pressed save? Were there any other error messages? If you used save-as, renamed any event sheets, or did anything in the project - there might be a bug in the software for one of those things.

    It might happen again since C2 is beta software, so I hope you remember to keep backups! Just in case, I've managed to restore what looks like most of the project - you can download it here. Event sheet 2 went completely missing I'm afraid though, so is empty.

    (Just a heads up, the project is already over 25mb in images alone - that's a couple of minutes download time for most people!)

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  • Ou. That event sheet was really hard. However I exported project to the final stance before it got corrupted. Can I somehow get it back from exported data?

    Exported Data

    Thanks for restoring BTW.

  • Sorry, we don't have any good tools to reverse exported projects right now :( It would be best to focus on what went wrong so we can fix the bug and make sure it never happens again. Do you have any of that info on what you were doing/other error messages?

    Don't forget to keep backups in future too. Sorry that you lost work.

  • Ou. That event sheet was really hard. However I exported project to the final stance before it got corrupted. Can I somehow get it back from exported data?

    Exported Data

    Thanks for restoring BTW.

    If you open the exported javascript file and search for "eventsheets": all your events are there in a very verbose format. You can manually get your events back from that location.

    Here's the first event of "event sheet 2" from 85 lines in c2runtime.js.

    -> compareVar unit = 1

    + SetVar unit to 0

    + create Object player2 on layer 0 at (10,10)

    + player2 :destroy

    You only have 30 events over 3 eventsheets so reading your exported events shouldn't take too long. After you've read them all it's simple to re-add the events into your c2 project in c2.

  • Thats a little worrying if you want to keep your game code protected.

    Is there much in the way of security for html5 or construct2 generated code?

  • No, there's nothing which obfuscates it. There has always been this warning in exported HTML files:

        <!-- Note: Construct 2 does not currently employ any obfuscation techniques. As a result, you should assume that any game you publish can be reverse engineered to its editable Construct 2 project. -->

    Obfuscation can be done to better protect your exported projects. It's something on the todo list. There aren't any known decompilers, but if somebody made one, we'd immediately add some obfuscation techniques, which would make it wasted effort for the decompilers :)

    By the nature of HTML5 it's very difficult to completely protect projects. Unfortunately, it's the nature of the platform that it's much easier to edit existing exported projects. We'll definitely do our best on obfuscation, though, we've got some neat tricks we can pull.

  • Ok, nevermind, I'm doing that sheet again. And anyway it's a Freeware so that sometimes happens. And just one question. How can I set which layout will be first, when I start the game?

  • Ok, nevermind, I'm doing that sheet again. And anyway it's a Freeware so that sometimes happens.

    We'll be introducing license options soon, so I'd be really interested if you could provide any of that extra info about what you were doing before the problem happened! I really want to fix this :)

  • I got just that error massage. I didn't found more info. I just know that deleted event sheet was probably saved in temp and something deleted it. Now I saved it like project and I have those sheets untouchable.

  • I think something similar happened to me. I was working on a project, and while C2 was still running, I got this message:

    <img src="" border="0">

    (Sorry it's an image. The message wouldn't let me copy/paste.)

    I think I pressed "Ignore". I changed a couple more things, then I exited C2. When I tried to open the project again, I got that same message (I think . . . or at least one very similar). After that, I got this message:

    <img src="" border="0">

    So now I can't open the file at all. I saved everything as a single file, which might have been a mistake. I don't really understand much of the content in the message, but it seems like it's telling me that something is missing.

    When I received the message the first time, I think I was adding values to a variable every time the player overlapped an area. The event worked, but when I pointed one aspect of the action to a different object (without recreating the whole event), I think that's when I got the message.

    Anyway, I'm running Windows 7. Here's the cap:


  • oldsatchmo: I've managed to recover your project, here it is:

    It looks like you deleted the 'Text' object type, but Construct failed to remove all its actions and still saved a project with a 'Text' action. Then, when opening the project, it can't find the object type for that object.

    It's been fixed for the next build - hopefully if you're careful about deleting objects (make sure C2 has deleted all events relating to it), it should be OK to keep working on this. The bug is fixed in the next release.

  • Holy crap! Look at you, saving me all sorts of time. Thanks, man.

    Yup, I definitely renamed the Text object, without giving the actions attached to it a second thought. What a dork.

    Anyhow, thanks again.

  • lost my project too.

    Happened after i deleted some songs. Then the preview stopped working, The page openned but just showed the html black background + construct border.

    i went to event sheet and found the the audio events were still there, i deleted and tried preview again (without success), I asked to save for then it showed me this error (has action,event action cpp) ( i pressed retry).

    Then, i restarted construct when i opened the project showed me the 2nd error, now the project is broken.

    my lucky is that i always do backups (and that was easy to recover by chaging event sheet xml).

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