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  • So I was messing around on a low end machine that I have for emulation last night (3ghz, 3gb ram, 730gt gfx Win 7-64-bit) and our game was running like absolute garbage, a total stuttering mess. I was at a bit of a loss because I have a far worse machine that ran the game way better. Since there is nothing else running on the machine and I knew the drivers were all up to date, I decided to go set nVidia profile up for the game just for the hell of it.

    Anioptropic filtering OFF

    Antialiasing FXAA OFF

    Antialiasing MODE OFF

    Antialiasing Setting None

    Antialisasing Transparency OFF


    MAX Pre-Rendered Frames 4

    Muilt-Display/Mixed-GPU Acceleration MULTI DISPLAY PERFORMANCE MODE

    Power management mode PREFER MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE

    Shader Cache OFF

    Texture Filtering Anisotropic Sample Opti. OFF

    Texture Filtering - Negative LOD BIAS ALLOW

    Texture Filtering - Quality HIGH PERFORMANCE

    Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization OFF

    Threaded Optimization OFF

    Triple Buffering OFF

    Vertical Sync OFF

    Virtual Reality Pre-Rendered Frames 4

    Although I still got a bit of stutter - it's not a gaming rig period. It's single core, low profile cheap stuff. And the game was running almost perfectly. Before that it was completely unplayable.

    So there's that... Let me know if this helps any of you



    After I posted this, I did a play through of the 2nd half of our game. Playing on my build laptop since I was fixing a bug. I had zero jerkiness/jankiness. We're also using NWK 10.5 for our steam build. The last stage of the game *always* had a bit of jank to it, but this time through it was flawless 60fps. I even played through it again just to make sure I wasn't crazy and this level is deadly hard too!! Hopefully this fixes the issue for some people. I'm assuming it would be similar for Radeon cards etc.

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  • Closing as this is not a bug report.

    The only significant change is probably that you turned off v-sync, so it's rendering probably hundreds of frames per second, hiding any scheduling timing errors.

  • It may not be a bug report, but it is helpful, can this be stickied somewhere or in a FAQ of suggestions for games to run faster?

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