Node-Webkit file loading and then crashing

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Additional exe file link:

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Download the capx file and export the project to node-webkit

    2. Once exported, attempt to run the file

    3. Note the lack of results

    Observed result:

    The game starts to download, stops after a certain point (often nearly at 100%), and then turns blank.

    Expected result:

    The game should start running with a character with various surrounding elements, including falling boxes

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes/no (n/a)

    Firefox: yes/no (n/a)

    Internet Explorer: yes/no (n/a)

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 7, Service pack 1, Radeon HD graphics 1.90 GHz

    Construct 2 version:


    Construct Release 139

    I desperately need to know if this can be remedied asap.

  • Works fine for me, although I did export without minify ( I refuse to install security-hole ridden Java), and it did take a little while to load.

    What GFX card do you have? I notice it's estimated to use 1.3 GB of memory, which will be a problem for many, many systems.

  • Radeon HD graphics 1.90 GHz

    This isn't the GFX card?

  • Have you tried exporting without using minify?

    Also try without png recompression.

    You say it isn't the gfx card, but you haven't given any details about the card. What model is it? How much on-board RAM does it have?

    As I said previously, exporting without minify and png recompression works for me. If it still doesn't for you, then its more than likely something on your PC end that's the problem.

    Another person trying this would be helpful (come on guys!) :)

  • ok, finally found it.

    Name: AMD Radeon HD 7640G

    Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

    Chip Type: ATI display adapter (0x9903)

    DAC Type: Internal DAC (400MHZ)

    Total Memory (approx.): 4059 MB

    This good?

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  • Google says that your GFX card is really a APU rather than a proper GPU, but how that would affect it, only Ashley could tell you.

    Running your game in debug does highlight that it is currently performing 3/4 million collision checks per tick, which I would think is ridiculously large. It means that I can only just get about 30FPS. Maybe that's why your laptop is throwing in the towel.

    I would try reducing your image quality (they are very large for sprite images) and reduce the collision checks dramatically.

  • I've downloaded your final .exe version and get the same issue as you. I've also try to preview your project using firefox .... I get a error message at end of the loading system about "sprite_plugin.js" no more responding ... so nw do the same and probably lock without displaying this error. You're project use to many ressources.

  • Hrm, It looks like I cant use this then, and will have to remake it. Thanks for helping out though!

  • Closing as not a bug; it's probably more to do with the fact your project uses outrageous amounts of memory. Construct 2 is telling your the approximate memory use is 1355mb in the status bar - well over a gigabyte - so whether it can run or not is probably mostly to do with how much memory is available on the GPU (how many people have a 2GB graphics card?). Read this carefully: Remember not to waste your memory

    FWIW, it runs just fine here, but probably only because my graphics card has 2GB of dedicated memory.

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