Node webkit use as debugger (fullscreen crash)

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  • *I remove all refs to another bug link to force close a node webkit window because now solved*

    Link to .capx file (required!):

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a simple project requesting fullscreen

    2. Debug the project using node webkit as debugger

    Observed result: error msg (because of browser fullscreen resquest in code)

    Expected result: no error

    Browsers affected: node webkit in debug mode

    Operating system & service pack: Windows 7 64b SP1

    Construct 2 version: R141, R142, R143

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  • It's very strange to see Scirra still using the 0.6.2 nw release and also still closing program using "window["nwgui"]["App"]["quit"]();" instead of "window.close();" because this last command seems to be more reliable. Actually the last nw release (0.7.1) try to solve some problems using (issue 984) but it's still not fixed in 0.7.1. Using "window.close();" avoid this issue.

    so i edit C2runtime.js like this ...

    Acts.prototype.Close = function ()


              if (this.runtime.isCocoonJs)


              else if (this.runtime.isNodeWebkit)



              else if (!this.is_arcade && !this.runtime.isDomFree)



    * R142 debugger problem update *

    Fullscreen mode still generating a error message in a node webkit debugger mode but Browser > Close is now working differently, the project itself is close but the debugger window need to be close in a second step ... so there is a real progress and no more issue using Browser.close.

    Thanks Scirra for updating nw to 0.7.0 in R142 release and use now window.close() to exit. App.quit will perhaps be reliable in 0.7.2 and better way in future but window.close seems now the only way to avoid major issues ... sure using "window.close()" will probably create other problems but seems actually the better choice !

    * R143 debugger problem update *

    Debugger now hangs using node webkit as debugger with this example.

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