New policy for closing bug reports

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    Here at Scirra we're a very small team. We're lucky enough to have a popular product, but at the same time this means we receive a very high volume of bug reports. Unfortunately the amount of bug reports we get is beginning to become difficult to manage.

    A significant number of bug reports do not include sufficient information for us to do anything about the problem. For example, a bug report might consist solely of an error message. Alternatively a report might describe an issue, but not provide us with any way of reproducing the problem ourselves (such as steps to create the problem in a new project, or an attached .capx file demonstrating the problem). As described in how to report bugs, it is impossible for us to do anything about this kind of report.

    The large number of bug reports means the forum is beginning to fill up with this type of unresolvable report, which typically also goes unanswered by the original author when prompted for more information. As the number of bug reports made increases, it becomes more and more difficult to manage.

    In order to alleviate this we are introducing a new policy on closing bug reports:

    Bug reports which do not contain enough information will be immediately closed. We will ask for more information, and if it is provided, we will re-open the report. However if no more information is provided it will remain closed and your problem will not be investigated.

    As always, please read how to report bugs to ensure we can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you for taking the time to report bugs but please make sure you provide enough information for us to actually help you!

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