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    I tested the multiplayer game example Scirra made on 15+ computers at my school. All the players could join, and they would appear on the hosts' screen, but after about 2 minutes the players were invisible on each others' screen, but the host could still see everybody. Rejoining fixes the problem, but after another 2 minutes the players would begin to disappear again. Please note I tested from downloading the .exe to each computer, not running off a browser.

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    Default multiplayer game example included in Construct 2

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    Multiplayer example game.

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  • We did extensive testing of the multiplayer template over the Internet and we never heard of this happening. Are you sure this is not a problem with your school network? Can you reproduce it anywhere else?

  • It probably is a problem with the school network, I can't reproduce the problem at home on my own network.

  • I have a game where after a long period of play, objects will start mysteriously disappearing or appearing invisible, including the peer objects. It's based on the real-time multiplayer example:

    I have a theory the disappearing trap objects may be related to collision sync issues, but there's no good explanation for invisible peers.

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  • Could it be that it is a Node-Webkit related problem?

    Since it only uses Chromium 32 and not the most recent 34?

    Edit: It seems like there are unresolved issues with Node-Webkit and WebRTC

    (At least i have the exact same problem as described there ^^

    Connection established, but no Data transmitted or recieved)

  • Closing as cannot reproduce.

  • Ashley is the Multiplayer working with NW ? Since i can't get it to work :/

    On Chrome everything works fine and as expected.

  • SgtConti - no, node-webkit is still currently on Chromium 32 which is incompatible. It should work with the next node-webkit update.

  • That's weird because I used NW on the 15+ computers. I dragged the folder containing the .exe from a USB to each of the desktops and then ran it from there, and the multiplayer worked for a time. I've only used NW in my multiplayer testing endeavors, I didn't realize it wasn't supported.

  • awmace5 i think connecting players work, but sending/recieving messages (including broadcasting) doesnt work.

    while im at it: Ashley how does the LAN thing work? How do 2 players connect in LAN mode to each other? (I haven't figured that out yet)

  • awmace5 mzo Yeah I know what you're talking about. My multiplayer game does the same. Like the code is good for the first two minutes then a sprite disappears. I been trying to figure out why as well, but have not come up with an answer. I think it's:

    a) a bug

    b) too many events happening at once

    c) something in the events code that is interfering with each other.

    You can check out this thread I posted for more info:

    Hopefully we could figure out this problem.

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