Multiplayer: 2 peers + 1 host, instead of 1 peer + 1 host.

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  • Problem Description

    Player is host in game room. Result (1 host peer object in room)

    Other player joines game room. Result (1 non host peer object in room)

    Total amount of peers in room now = 2

    Host disconnects from room.

    Other player now uses same room name and becomes host. Result ( 1 host peer object in room)

    Previous Host joines game room as peer. Result (1 non host peer object in room + 1 previous host peer in room)

    Total amount of peers in room now = 3

    Switching this back and fort never results in more than 3.

    But should be only 2.

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx

    Test of my multiplayer game.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 First pc: Enter Name & connect to server
    • Step 2 First pc: Enter room name & Go to room
    • Step 3 Second pc: Enter Name & connect to server
    • Step 4 Second pc: Join Room from step 2
    • Step 5 "see 1 host peer object and 1 peer object"
    • Step 6 First pc: Leave Room by clicking button right top
    • Step 7 Second pc: Use same room name & Go to room (becoming host)
    • Step 8 First pc: Join room (becoming non host peer)
    • Step 9 First pc: "See double Peers + 1 host peer"

    Observed Result

    It looks as if the sync object keeps 2 peer objects associated with one player.

    As if it remembers being a host before and assigning a extra peer for that, resulting in 3 peer objects where there should only be 2.

    Expected Result

    Host disconnects from room.

    Other Player gets pushed out of room, then creates new room with same name becoming new host.

    Previous host joins room becoming non host peer.

    Only 2 peer objects in room. (1 host and 1 non host.)

    Affected Browsers

    • Node Webkit

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Latest Stable 190 64bit

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines: this project uses three third-party addons (Time Manager, Gleam and Rotate), and we require bug reports use no third party addons to eliminate them as the cause of the problem. Also the .capx is 25mb which makes me think it's not a minimal .capx demonstrating the problem. If you have a lot of events it usually ends up being a mistake in the events and not a bug, so please only provide a minimal example that unequivocally demonstrates C2 has a bug.

  • FacePalm.

    U are correct, and good for that, because i kept searching in my project (based on the Ghost Shooter example) and found that when switching from rooms i did not disable the host and peer groups.

    So when switching rooms and becoming host, then switch back to being peer, both groups where active.

    Thats what made the game create double peers.

    Now thats fixed and im very happy.

    Thanx for being strong on your guidelines, i would have apparently wasted your time.

    Kind Regards.


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