Multiplayer error on different connections

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    ____ A concise description of your problem here multiplayer failure! Dodn't work via cellular internet connection, i meen when one device as host connect to internet via wifi and peer via cellular internet, i can see rooms, but connections lists when i join room. Can you show how to fix this? Maybe i need configure somr ice server? Can you me, how can i do this?____

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  • This is probably just internet connectivity issues as described in the multiplayer tutorial. It's to do with network connectivity, not Construct 2, so closing as not a bug. You can try running a TURN server, but configuring that is beyond the scope of what we can help you with.

  • o-no, you don't understand me. i can create room (usig my android smart), and peer can see them via cellular or wifi connection. but, when peer join room - nothing happens =( messages didn't recieving by anybody. looks like both of them (peer and host) lost their connection. but, when i go back, i can see the same room agan. that's weird. and for this moment multiplayer is working onli on local network. Please, help me!!!

  • Yes, that's because the peer can reach the signalling server, but not the host. It's exactly what I described.

  • so, what do i must to do, for host, to make him connect to signalling server?

  • have you any solutions for this trouble?

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