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  • Problem Description

    Mouse plugin suddenly stopped checking for other condition underneath 'left mouse button is down' condition. This happened randomly. I was coping and pasting a lot of actions but did NOT even touch the event for mouse is down. if I replace 'mouse is down' with 'on mouse click' then it will work properly. The weird thing is that is happened randomly and when I recreated the same scenario in a new capx then it worked as expected. The problem seems to be attached to my capx file. I reinstalled c2 and same problem. I currently have more than 700 events. I am also using extra plugins, effects, behaviours.

    Attach a Capx

    I do not wish make my capx publicly available, if Ashley Gullen wants the capx, I will provide it with email or something

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Its random, I encountered a similar bug with construct 2 before but on a much smaller scale. That time the animation was not playing smoothly, the way I fixed it was reimporting the frames and even then it was attached to my capx. However this animation bug happened on a different computer.

    Potential Fix

    I think the only way to fix this problem is to delete Mouse plugin from the whole project and import Mouse plugin again and redo all the events that used Mouse plugin. With total of over 700 events, this will not be easy.

    Affected Browsers

    Every browser

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10 Home 64bit

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r219 with personal license

    Any questions? just ask

  • It is highly likely that this post will be closed as you follow none of the Bug Reporting Requirements.

    Ashley specifically says that a full project is of no use as there is no guarantee that it isn't a conflict in your Events.

    If there was a bug, I'm sure we would have had many more reports about it.

    Please consider trying to replicate in a new .capx.

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  • Closing, review the bug report guidelines on how to provide a useful .capx that you can share.

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