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  • I'm running a free version of C2 R60 on a MacBook Pro with a Windows Vista (64 bit) Parallel's Desktop VM. I'm following the beginners tutorial and got to the 4th page where the Event Page is introduced. In the section where the player is supposed to be oriented in the direction of the mouse I'm not getting the Mouse object as an optoon in the expression dialog. Also, if I try to type in the Mouse.X and Mouse.Y for the angle expressions I get a validation warning indicating that Mouse is not an object in the game. I do have a working usb mouse but didn't add it until after I noticed the missing object. Any ideas?



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  • I found a work-around. With the usb mouse attached I right-clicked on the Object panel then "Insert new Object". I was then able to choose the Mouse object. Now when I tried to add the action "Set angle toward" to the player I see the Mouse object in the expression drop-down. Perhaps this had something to do with not having a mouse plugged in when I started the VM.

  • actually, i believe you found the fix, not a workaround, to your problem.

    you simply had not inserted the 'mouse' object into your project. once you did, it enabled you to access the variable expressions. it doesn't really have anything to do with what physical peripheral you use.

    good job.

  • Yeah I suppose this was the 'fix'. I'm wondering if the Mouse object is typically included or if its supposed to be added manually for each project. If the latter the tut might need to be updated to keep people from getting stuck at that point.


  • Indeed, it is not the first time someone stumble upon the mouse object needing to be added.

    This topic will let Ash know that it needs a bit tweakening.

    And to answer yes, Mouse is like any other object and need to be manually added to the project if you are willing to use it. This happens on MAC and PC alike, as harrio said, nothing to see with the specific gear.

    EDIT: Going through the tutorial, Page 2, you have "Add the input object" where it is asked to add the mouse to the layout. (and keyboard too)

    The tuto doesn't need tweakening apparently, it just need to be read and followed from start to end ^^

  • Apologies. I must have missed that step.

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