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  • I posted some time ago that since r170 my mouse wheel stopped working in construct2. Later on, I discovered that it only happened when using construct in Admin mode (for wifi testing).

    And recently I learned that it's in fact a common thing for some software to lose some of it's functions when interacting with other software when the second has admin privileges. In this case, the mouse wheel didn't have admin level, and construct 2 did.

    I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case something changed in r170 on construct 2 end. I completely aware that it could have been on the mouse's driver's end.

    But since after some googling it seemed to be such a common thing, my guess was that I can't possibly be the only construct user that encountered that problem, and that maybe it was worth looking into.

    Anyway, I created a System Task that gave the mouse driver admin privileges on startup and now there is no conflict with construct =)

    I know this is not a bug and all, but i didn't know where else to post it =/

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  • I cannot reproduce this problem on Windows 8.1. Please always follow the bug report guidelines such as including your system information. Closing as presumably a problem specific to your computer; I am not aware of any way in which user input changes under admin mode in Windows.

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