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  • I've listed a few things along the development of Drop Da Piew. Some minor bugs, but also some "suggestions", little things I'd like to see implemented.

    * Move a comment in the even sheet, edit the comment, while the comment is still opened, press ctrl+Z in order to undo the last edit made to the comment, instead the comment is moved back to where it was.

    If now you click out of the comment, a check failure raises. (you can ignore it though).

    * Another "bug". At some point I setted a "ctrl is down" + "on 'd' pressed" keyboard event. The result was that in textboxes, I couldn't write the 'd' character anymore. Funny side effect ^^

    I've setted this capx that reproduces this behavior under chrome and FF with the Space key, and the "a" key.

    For this example they have no actions, but during my developement, the event had actions and still "overode" the input itself, whatever the key was.

    * When modifying a variable from "add to" to "substract from" it would be cool if the var and former value were still selected (like it would happened if I modified the object type, but still made a "add to" action)

    * Arrays : I wish the standard array methods from js were also interfaced as ACE in C2 (pop, push, reverse, splice, sort, etc...) (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Array)

    * If LoopIndex("") could also have a shorter "alias" (something like "LI("")") it would be nice. LoopIndex is clear, but kinda long to write. In certain expressions it takes space and time. Lazy code writter over /

    * After a while (apparently, having a preview running in a FF wih opened tabs on the forum and a html5 youtube video buffering, GIMP opened and it's around 6-8h of execution already), the IDE goes crazy "at some point".

    Going over the tabs and other icons of the IDE ends in strange black rectangles, and if I try to click the quitting red cross on top right, I have the sound of a windows error playing, some dialog displays but it's not a regular "check failure" dialog. It feels more "default" to the GUI. The words "encounter improper" also displays in a system font at about 14 px I'd say.

    But I can't click this dialog, and it doesn't appear in the "Construct2 group" in my system bar.

    I'll try to think about taking screenshots when this appears (note I haven't had the issue since, but I haven't had an intense programming session since either ^^).

    Repro steps are hard to give though. And my drivers are up to date.

    => Exiting C2 through the task manager ("kill all process tree"), ends up/quits firefox too. (when C2 crashes like described above) (and even if FF has several tabs, not only the preview tab on)

    It may have to do with an incompatibility/instability between GIMP gtk's library and C2 GUI library.

    I don't know if you could reproduce this bug (appart from intensively making a project in C2 for hours with the same softwares/tabs opened).

    Also, I notice that when the bug is about to happen, my computer feels slower, like it is struggling. The few last times it happened while development, I noticed it early, saved my project and exited C2 as well as other applications.

    Coming back after a while (generally after having closed gimp and looked at the buffered videos and having closed FF) and taking back my workflow, the issue seem to be overcome. The computer works normaly, no slow downs to notice and no bug in the following hours.

    So apart for the crashing bug that sounds specific to my machine, C2's all good and it is a pleasure to work with.

    Hope Ashley won't mind this listing.

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