Menus broken and crashes after Visual Studio 2013

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  • I went on Construct 2 hiatus since last September, and just today I downloaded the last version to try an idea... what was my surprise when after installing it crashed.

    I opened it again and it apparently worked well, I also noticed the UI theme change (from r148, apparently). I ignored it and started a new project, then saw this:

    No big deal, a broken theme... I changed it to basic...

    After a little struggle finding the button again, I changed it to scenic, everything seemed to work fine, until I tried to create a new sprite:

    As soon as I use the brush, it crashes. As I edit my images in an external application I tried opening one, but it just doesn't show. The square remains its size and transparent and sometimes C2 crashes.

    I have tried using r158-2, r155, r152n and r148. Also, r146 works flawlessly.

    Oh, and it's not my display driver, I have one installed last month, however I tried rolling back to the one I had last September and even to the one I got with my motherboard (from like 1 year ago).

    I was even about to format, after I saw it works on my sister laptop... but now I think it's fixable, I just need to update something from microsoft visual (I just don't know what). Any ideas?

    PS: I can't believe I'm the only case of this, I must be hexed!

    PS2: I just remembered... every time I install it and open it for the first time, it crashes.

    Edit: Apparently I deleted the paragraph with my specs, here they are:

    OS: Windows 7 SP1, 64 bits

    Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7560D

  • The display glitch in the first screenshot strongly suggests a graphics card driver bug. I'd suggest reporting the issue to AMD.

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  • Do you have any technical information as what is not loading (from a visual studio perspective)? Or how should I report that to them?

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