Maybe not a bug, but a problem for me..

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  • Hello. I didn't introduce myself, but since this isn't the forum for introduction, I'll make it short, sweet, and simple: I'm Rzion, not new to the game-creation world, used gamemaker for years, time to (hopefully) take a step up from there and on to better things.

    But something is in my way at the moment. I just downloaded Construct 2, installed it, whatever, and everything was fine until it offered to show me some demos of games people have made using it. Alright, sounds cool... till I click one of the options given to me and it gives me this error:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    And that's all, folks. Once I click out of that, the window shuts down and I'm left staring at the start screen once again. And what's worse, I can't even open a new file without that happening and crashing the program.

    Am I missing something? Is this error common if I don't have certain code libraries installed, or drivers or other doodads and whatsits? I can post my tech specs if you need them, but I don't think it's a system issue...

    Any advice? And also, sorry if this is a repost of somethign someone else has said. Didn't feel that I would find anything anyway, since google showed no results regarding my situation. Thank you to all contribution!

  • Apparently it's a problem with AMD drivers and OpenGL. This might help: Have you got the latest Catalyst drivers?

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  • Apparently it's a problem with AMD drivers and OpenGL. This might help: Have you got the latest Catalyst drivers?

    Thanks Ramones, but, is there any other way to fix this? I'm a little more than wary of putting random things I may not even need in my registries... I could not find any other updates for my AMD Radeon HD card in Catalyst, so that's not something that can be done... Is this the only sure-fire way to fix this? Thanks, again.

  • Maybe try this fix?

  • No idea Rzion, that's just the first thing I found on Google. Looking at the .reg file, it just adds the value






    That's the same value I have on my computer. screenshot

    I bet if you browse to that location and check the OpenGLVendorName value the dll filename will be missing or just '.dll' which would explain why the renaming fix in the video nimtrix posted would work.

  • Alright, guys. I finally broke down and put the files in my registry from the link Ramones posted. It actually opens a new file without crashing now, and my computer hasn't spontaneously combusted yet, so I can concur that this method works. :D Thanks, everybody!

  • Closing as a graphics driver issue. It sounds like your graphics drivers were not installed properly. Reinstalling them may help. See Update your graphics card driver.

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