Maximum animation speed?

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  • Is it a bug, or is maximum animation speed is capped for certain amounts of frames?

    I have a 6 frame animation, I play it faster, 200 frames a second, 500 frames a second, 50000, it's all the same.

    Tried it on a fresh new project, or the examples by Scirra, the same thing happens.

    Couldn't find anyone else having issues with this since r59

    Operating system & service pack: Windows 7 SP 3

    Construct 2 version: Release 142

  • A human can only see up to 60 frames per second.

    Perhaps you should change frame speed

  • So there's a cap? It makes no sense that there is a cap on how fast it can go. I use animation speed to speed up or slow down an animation I use as a loading bar. It's very convenient, except for the artificial limit, if in fact one exists.

    I absolutely love Construct 2 because the developers don't presume too much how I will be using this or that ability, and they don't impose many artificial limits.

    This could also be a matter of performance, but it's still weird and unproductive to take away control from users. Again, if there is such a thing as a artificial cap.

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  • I have no idea if there is a cap, but my point is: even if there was you wouldn't see a difference after 60fps.

    You could always do the animation by events, and do something like set frame to lerp(self.frame,self.frame.count,60*dt)

  • there is a "self" command? I really hope so :) But that's unrelated.

    I know that the human eye can't differentiate above 60fps, but it's a loading bar. So the loading bar loads faster when on 200 or 400 fps. I guess I could try what you propose.

    Just what do you mean by "dt"? 60*dt?

    Thank you very much in any case :)

  • Dt is a system expression for delta time, or the time since the last tick.

    Used here to keep the interpolation synced with the current frame rate.

    The 60 would get you about 60 frames per second... that's a huge approximation tho...

    Also there is a self, but it would be self.AnimationFrame, and self.AnimationFrameCount

  • damjancd, found this helpful in understanding dt

  • The animation system will advance at most one frame per tick. So animations cannot run faster than changing a frame every tick.

    Why not implement your own system using the 'set animation frame' action?

  • Been reading into lerp and delta time, thanks newt and AngelEyes :)

    Ashley I'm probably doing exactly that :) thanks. Very close to releasing to AppStore. My first game is waiting for a better CocoonJS graphical integration since it's quite glitchy now, this game is much simpler and minimal graphically.

    I'm very excited, I will lay down now. :)

  • newt if i have 3 animations "idle" , "running" , "jumping".

    how can i make the "running" animation use the set animation frame number with the lerp like you said?can you please give me an example? i made a silky smooth running animation with 100 frames and it goes in slo mo even when i put 60 frames per second in the animation box,so i must use your solution but i do not understand how to do that for a specific animation. thanx!

  • Frankly that would be like putting tractor tires on a tricycle.

    In other words a waste, as half of those frames will never even be seen.

    Honestly I would suggest that you delete every other frame, and then do that again, and use the regular animations.

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