Max Fall Speed Broken

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  • Hello,

    Whenever any event that changes the max fall speed of a platformer object is triggered, the game freezes until the event stops. This took a while to figure out in my main project, since I had an event that was triggered at the very start, so the game didn't start at all. I tried making a fresh cap with a simple "while key down, set max fall speed to 500" event, and the game freezes while that key is down, and resumes when released. I've tested this in Firefox 6, Chrome, and IE (In IE it permanently freezes).

    I'm using the latest version of C2 (R49), and my specs are:

    -Win 7 64bit

    -Phenom 2 940 (3 Ghz quad core)


    -4GB ram (ddr2)

    Thanks for reading and keep up the great work!

    PS: Previewing a post doesn't appear to be working.

    Edit: Here's a .capx (hold 'z' to change the fall speed):Link

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  • Oops, seemed to have missed this one for a bit. It's fixed in the next build now.

  • Thanks!

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