major freeze when try to "add event"

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  • Hi,

    I just click on "add event", and Construct 2 freeze.

    I need to go in Task Manager and kill Construct 2.

    Whatever the project I'm working on, even a blank one.

    Operating system: Win 7 64bits ultimate SP1

    Construct 2 version:


    r145 same issue

    How it started :

    So far Construct 2 was perfectly working ! My project was going well.

    Then I've done a 2 weeks pause on this work.

    Then I launch Construct 2 again, and always freeze when click on "add event"

    Desinstalled, reinstalled the software

    Updated to latests version, to try

    Still the same bug.

    It looks like this closed bug (but no reason given, no fix)

    What can have changed on my computer before and after the bug ?

    Graphic Drivers have apparently been updated (Nvidia geforce 9800GT)

    I may have installed a few games.

    I hope we can figure this out, there's an important project inside

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    This bug is very weird ..

    Thanks for your help ..



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  • okay I figured out so here's the solution if it happens to someone (and maybe it's fixable)

    I got 2 monitors and I reversed their position meanwhile. So the "add event" window wasn't in range apparently and caused the program to freeze.

  • Did you try pressing 'Reset dialogs' in Preferences?

  • Yes that should work thanks

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