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  • Problem Description

    Total loss of audio for a game when Android device wakes up after a few min sleep. The game was running in a Chrome tab before the locking of the screen.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      [1] Start the game [2] Wait for the device to go to sleep while the game runs [3] Wait 5mins [4] Unlock the device and see the audio disappear

    Observed Result

    Audio disappears

    Expected Result

    Audio continues to be active when the screen is unlocked.

    Affected Browsers

      [1] Chrome for Android: (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10

    Construct 2 Version ID

    216 64bit

  • Does this still reproduce in r218?

  • Yes. Just tried with r219. The problem persists..

    + Audio disappears not only when Android goes to sleep automatically, after a while, but also if locked manually and unlocked after ~10mins and going back to the game..

  • I have had this same happen in my project of 1 year of age... I think it started happening around r212 or a bit after - not entirely sure anymore. The strangest thing is that my menu music seems to continue to work just fine (but all other audio doesn't, sound effects, level musics etc)..

  • I've experienced this too, few months ago. Music keeps playing but sounds stop.

  • Happy New Year Ashley !

    How is this issue doing?

  • Well, the problem makes very little sense, because the age of a .capx should not affect anything. If you can provide any more information to narrow down the cause of the issue that would be very useful. In particular identifying the specific version of C2 where the problem started is always useful.

  • The sound pretty often mutes after spending some time outside of a game (locked screen or doing other stuff while the game's tab is active in background)

    This problem appears on my Android Sony Xperia Z3 compact and I also experienced the problem on my girlfriend's Samsung Alpha and also iOS some time ago.

    (Everything's on Chrome)

    Looks pretty important to me . I also understand that it could be Chrome's bug, so I will report this to them

    P.S. You can try to reproduce this with any C2 web exported game. Just lock the screen, wait for like 10mins and/or do some stuff in background and/or wait for your device to go to sleep and wake it up after ~10mins and the sound could be gone.


    Will try to find a workaround to avoid this

  • Changed Audio not to play in background and deleted the events which stopped the audio when tab was suspended and started audio again when tab was resumed (workaround that no longer works).

    Looks like the problem is solved. Can't reproduce it.

    Will let You know if I will able to reproduce it.


  • The sound still occasionally goes off when coming back to the game's tab after a while. It could be Chrome's stuff

    Reported this to Chrome and just going to let this go off my mind

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  • Perhaps it's the same problem as this?: https://www.scirra.com/forum/sound-stop-playing-after-a-short-break-of-inactivity_t166126

    In that report, if Chrome for Android sits idle for 30-60 seconds not playing any audio at all, there's a bug that stops any more audio playing. It's a bug in Chrome (linked to in that thread) and there should be a workaround in the next build. Maybe that will fix it.

  • Great! More attention to this problem!

    Looking forward to a fix!

    Thanks all!

  • I have the same problem after a little of inactivity (screen timeout / screen locked by user / app send to background).

    Exported for Cordova from C2 and build with Intel XDK.

    Can this be influenced by "Preloading Sounds" yes/no? Or is just a Chrome fault and there's nothing to do?

  • razinar


    I've got a fix.

    My workaround: Play inaudible sound every 1sec all the time. It fixes the problem.

    Here is the inaudible sound i use: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/714 ... xSound.zip


  • This problem appears to have been a Chrome bug which was subsequently fixed: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=518863

    Closing as this should not happen any more, please file a new report following all the guidelines if you still have any issues.

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