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    Sometimes I have a delay on iOS when loading vaiables via localstorage (Array).

    Sometimes it doesn't show my variables (Highscore). The text is just blank and then after some seconds it loads.

    Also sometimes I have to touch on the screen that it shows my loaded variables.

    If I play my game on the browser all works as intended. With no delay.

    The problem is, that my game also saves variables for which level the player is. So sometimes my level selector buttons doesn't show up correct because there is a huge delay.

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  • I notice Safari on iPhone 6 Plus doesn't save or read/write LocalStorage, but it works fine on iPad Mini 2 & Air.

    This is on the latest iOS version.

    Something funny is going on.

  • Yeah it's strange. My game is nearly ready but the audio bug and the localstorage problems holding me back from releasing it.

    Is there a way to save all stuff wie the Save/Load function? Problem is that you it loads right there where you left of so with this way you can't just load your variables and stuff and load the game into the main menu?

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines or there is nothing we can do.

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