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  • Well, I've been doing my game in pieces, starting to combine layouts, and it's bugging horribly on loading.

    First loads fine.

    Then you reopen project and it always loads the second layout, not the first, even though the correct 1st layout is specified to load by name (not default). I've noticed this years ago in the beginning too, but I thought it would go away with future releases. I'm using the latest release, not sure how to save it back to the most stable release.

    Anybody else notice this?

    Have a solution?

    Why is this happening?

    Alas, using Chrome and have no choice but to use Windows 10 given my processor rather than the outdated operating systems Construct 2 is officially approved for.

    It's a rather simple capx with some animation and music, always worked flawlessly until I added the second blank layout on button clicked.

    Don't want to give away the capx and making a simple new one from scratch, there is no point.


    Eh, NVM for now.

    Think I figured it out. It seems to load the active layout you have clicked, irregardless what's specified in project properties, so if you click the starting one, it seems to load correctly.

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  • i have this problem too!!!!

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