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  • When develope a game, I would like to use simple shapes first, and then replace them with other picture more beautiful.

    But when we do the replacement, in some of the layerout(there could be several layerout which share the same ressources), new objects are all resized to the size of old pictures.

    so a little bit inconvenient:*

    Thanks and good day

  • Did you know you can select the objects and click on 'Make 1:1' in the properties window to the left?

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  • I'm not sure to understand but have you tried to click "Make 1:1" in the properties of the sprite ?

    You might have to do it in every layouts anyway, but it's just one click, and at worst you probably could include an event sheet with a "on start of layout" event and an action "Sprite set size: Width = Sprite.ImageWidth; Height = Sprite.ImageHeight"

    This way, on start of the layout the sprite will automatically be put to the size of the texture it is displaying.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Find it /+

    Thank you guys, i've been re importing images for mounths, haha

    That fine now

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