Let's get chrome to fix the Keyboard/Mouse bug!

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  • Starred! I just ran into this problem with the game I was making for last weekend's Game Jam. We had to rework the controls so that clicking wasn't necessary. It's a shame that such an awful bug has gone unfixed this long... I really hope it gets taken care of soon.

  • Thanks, Sulley. At least they assigned the bug, which means they pay some sort of attention to it.

    We all know that Chrome is, at the moment, the only feasible browser for mildly performance-heavy games, and it is ridiculous that it has this small, yet game-breaking bug.

    Tell your friends! Every star counts!

  • We all know that Chrome is, at the moment, the only feasible browser for mildly performance-heavy games

    Well Firefox hit its version 10 milestone this night, and for a few releases in a 64 bits environment it works as good if not better than chrome (since it doesn't have the control bug).

    I wish this bug to be resolved to provide the best experience to the user whatever the browser he uses in the end, but in all honesty in my eyes, chrome has lost its leader spot as far as HTML5 gaming goes a few FF's versions ago.

  • Kyatric Really? Even recently I have tested my game in Firefox, it is extremely laggy and the webGL rendering is blurry.

  • FF doesn't have such a good garbage collector and seems to have slowdowns with audio so tends to be noticably more choppy than Chrome in my experience.

  • On my computer (Intel Core i5-2500K GHz (x4), 8 Go DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (driver 285.62), Win 7 Pro SP1) FF feels a bit more flickering/choppy than Chrome on the graphic level depending on the project (sometimes I experienced more choppyness/less fluidity out of chrome).

    But in the end, on the fluidity point, both appeared equivalent to me.

    Also Chrome tends to take more ressources out of my GC (I have a monitor on screen, and when previewing a project in chrome, it takes around 10 mb more GC ram than FF and put the usage percentage of the GC to around 5% more than FF too which was kind of surprising (test made previewing the same project from C2 in FF and in chrome one after the other)

    For the audio, it's true that FF is far from being the best implementation so far, but they are working on a better implementation of the audio API. I haven't messed a lot with audio so far tbh.

    In my eyes, Mozilla seem to have noticed the importance of HTML5 gaming and its needs.

    They have dedicated people like the creator of Rawkets (http://rawkes.com/) who testes and push the developpment of certain technologies/implementation of the HTML5 standard in regards to game.

    When in comparison google still hasn't fixed the keyboard bug, it sounds to me Mozilla is more preoccupated with games needs.

    It's a subjective feeling of course, biased by the fact that I'm a long time FF user/supporter, I'm aware of it, but still, chrome is not a definitive leader to me.

    Both browsers have their strengths and weaknesses but I haven't experienced FF's graphic display as weak since I was using it on XP.

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  • lol. I just signed up for the forums because of this bug. I knew it wasn't on my side. I thought it was a problem with the engine seemed like it would create a gravity effect to one side when to much was spawned on the screen.

    =/ Looks like I'll have to turn my IE back on. But yea this is a nasty bug. A lot of the people I know use chrome over fox or IE.

  • As I said before, the problem is is that Google Chrome has noticeably better performance in the general aspects of HTML5. I am certainly not going to direct users away from it, especially seeing it is now the #1 web browser in terms of popularity.

    I suppose we can do nothing except for getting people to star the issue. Perhaps it would be worth lots of us e-mailing the Chrome representative who has been CC'd the issue (you can see it on the bug report page).

  • 16 more stars to go to be on the first page.

  • Hi. Try running project in firefox instead of chrome as it supports it solves this issue, if you have problems running project in firefox referr to my problems with firefox post for a solution, cheers.

  • sunavagun we are aware that it is a chrome bug only, however the user should have the right to choose whatever browser he/she chooses.

  • I appreciate that BUT, here goes, instead of sitting back and not using the software while waiting for google to fix your browser of choice, i think that most people would make the choice to use the browser that supports the software. its like ordering fast food from a place knowing people spit in it, going hungry while waiting for careless management to do something about it when you could have just ordered the same thing at another place and ate spit free food.

  • Well no one is ever not going to use other browsers, but Chrome is the optimal and preferred browser for HTML5 gaming which is why so many here are still pushing the for the fix. I myself have had to use Firefox a few times when the Chrome issue did get burdensome.

  • sunavagun there is nothing wrong with telling your players they have to use firefox. However be prepared to lose a significant portion of your player base.

    Also, in my experience Chrome is much better at HTML5. It has the Web Audio API, and in firefox the WebGL rendering is blurry and the games are noticeably choppy.

    But, thankfully, all browsers are going full speed ahead with HTML5!

  • Hi all,

    At last, some progress! I took the time to write up a full bug reproduction with minimal code at scirra.com/labs/chromebug That should really help Google engineers figure out what's going wrong, since picking through the entire runtime would be really tough for them.

    While making the bug repro from scratch, I actually found a workaround - it seems the way you handle mouse events affects the delay in keyboard input! Anyway, I made a tweak to the Mouse object to include this workaround. You can try it here:


    Just paste the runtime.js over your <install path>\exporters\html5\plugins\mouse\runtime.js. For me, this fixes the keyboard-input-delay bug. However, since the stuck-keys bug is so sporadic and rare, it's hard for me to tell if it's fixed that too. So could you lot try out the patch and see if you can get the stuck keys bug to come back? If everyone tries for a while and nobody can bring it back, it may also be fixed... but it will be hard to tell unless loads of people test it and we can be sure it's gone.

    I think even without the workaround it's a legit bug in Chrome, so it's still useful to have it reported and hopefully fixed regardless.

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