Let's get chrome to fix the Keyboard/Mouse bug!

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  • Hmm, interesting. I have not tested this...

    Make sure you try for an extended period of time just to make sure you aren't 'fluking' it.

  • We're up to 50 stars! Keep going guys! Tell your friends!

  • Good, last time I checked we were at 20. Keep 'em coming!

  • Google has assigned the bug!

    We're finally getting somewhere!

  • Google has assigned the bug!

    We're finally getting somewhere!

    That's great.

    Their response

    • More details in the bug reports (e.g. what operating system and version) would be helpful.

    I can confirm it for Windows 7, 64-bit, service pack 1

  • Yah i got my buddy to join in on it today :). BTW, i'm confirming it for OSX Lion 10.7.2 running Google Chrome 16.0.912.75 *DOES NOT* have this issue.

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  • still not fixed?

  • Not yet...

    I suppose we should give them some time. I'll contact them soon to see what's going on.

  • Oh wow...

    Someone just replied to the thread saying that this effects all HTML5 games, not just C2 games!

    I suppose this is good for us as it means Chrome really needs to sit up and take notice now.

  • Actually...i don't know if it really does affect all HTML 5 games or not. For example, i didn't seem to notice it much (if at all) while playing this game : Onslaught! Arena

    Starting to wonder if this issue may just be related Construct 2 only.

  • I don't see how it could be specific to C2, since the engine just uses javascript's keyup/keydown events like any other HTML5 game, and the bug seems to be that the keyup is sometimes not fired. So I actually would have expected it to affect all HTML5 games, not just C2.

  • OK. Ashley, has Chrome contacted you about the bug? I have heard no response from them however I did direct them to you in a comment.

  • It also occasionally occurs with the mouse press/release also, but not to the extent of the keyboard. Perhaps we can rephrase the title of the issue as an HTML5 issue instead of a game related issue to up Google's "priority" a bit more?

    I'm trying to check right now with some other HTML5 devs to see if they encounter the same issue with their games. Also, i've noticed in that Onslaught Arena game, they've somehow disable the whole entire web page except for the canvas area, thus allowing for any clicking(or accidental highlighting) outside the game area itself. Perhaps that can have something to do it with too?

  • Also people should keep on putting a star on the issue to keep telling this issue should be fixed.

    Also "blocking" the res of the page is some kind of bandage for this issue but certainly not a definite answer (imagine the scirra's arcade if you were only able to click in the game canvas and not the rest of the page...)

  • I'm getting really ticked off now!

    this is pretty much the only thing holding my game back from a full release.

    Keep starring, guys!

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