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  • The problem I am having is that no matter what I do, the layout editor shows all the existing game objects as white squares. The game will still run correctly and the background/sprites etc all render as they should in the browser, but the editor just shows everything as white.

    I followed the tutorial here: and was able to get the same game to work (mostly), but I had to pretty much work blind as white objects on a white background are only accessible through the 'Objects' window, or by remembering where I put them.

    I also tried loading a bunch of the different sample projects, and like the game I created by following the tutorial, all the objects render correctly in the browser (Chrome 18.0.1025.142 for what it's worth) but do not appear in the editor.

    I was originally working with R85, but I later switched to R84, just to see if it would help. Both builds have the same problem.

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  • Embarrassingly this was the answer. I had read that outdated drivers could be the issue, but when I tried to automatically update my drivers through the Windows XP device manager, I was told that there were no suitable updates for my graphics drivers.

    It turns out that this just meant there were no updates that windows LIKED. I was able to manually install the newer driver, but I had to override a warning about possible compatibility issues before the install could proceed. Everything is working fine now.

    I hope my mistake can save someone else some time. MANUALLY update your drivers! Windows will lie to you!

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