Layer transparancy setting not honored in Firefox.

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  • Problem Description

    Setting a layer's transparency to 'no' in properties does not render properly in Firefox. This affects a large multitude of projects (in many cases making them unplayable in Firefox) , it also affects many of the sample capx included in C2.

    Attach a Capx

    I've just picked one of Scirra's own capx file -- the instance variables one.

    Description of Capx

    Instance variables example by Scirra (relies on layer transparency to present a clean background) .

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 - Preview the project in Firefox
    • Step 2 - Click a sprite three times. Observed Result Clicking your sprite logo makes the layer transparency problem evident. The example look bads and becomes confusing. Expected Result The layer to not be transparent. Affected Browsers
      • Chrome: (NO)
      • FireFox: (YES) v31.0
      • Internet Explorer: (NO)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win 8.1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    beta r175

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  • kbtbc

    I don't get what you're saying - everything looks fine to me in Firefox, unless I'm missing something (always possible).

    Any chance of a screenshot that shows the problem?

  • Can't reproduce, Firefox renders identically to Chrome here. Probably specific to your system or a graphics driver issue, so closing.

  • Ok, I'll try different system, but here is my shot of this capx in Firefox:

  • Ashley - After testing on multiple systems I can confirm this is only on my system.

    I apologize for the trouble. My system is however up-to-date.

    Why meeeee?

  • If your system is very old, you may have been left with old and broken drivers. The only course of action is then to get new graphics hardware (either a new chip or a whole new system). You can blame Intel for that :-\

  • Well, I bought the laptop this spring -- it was an Asus with Intel imbedded ... (before I found C2) ... maybe an update will come soon -- I will just be much more conscious about my system limitation in development meantime. Thanks.

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