Layer/ layout angle bug?

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  • Not 100% sure, but shouldn't layers, and layout angles go clockwise rather than counter clockwise when adding to the angle?


  • I don't think so... the viewport rotates clockwise as per the angles-increase-clockwise rule. The visual effect when rotating the *view* clockwise is that the things you're looking at go anti-clockwise. Kind of confusing, but I think it's working correctly.

    Edit: huh, maybe not - I suppose the action implies the layer rotates and the view stays the same angle, but actually the view rotates and the layer doesn't... I need to think about this...

  • Well if you do intend on trying to implement collisions for different angles on different layers, wouldn't that mean you would have to go clockwise?

    I'm somewhat skeptical as to if that's actually feasible, what with all the extra calculations, etc, then again I have n idea how well you've optimized things already.

    I guess one thing to think about is if there should be a view angle like you described if you do get collisions for different angles.

    Seems that might be a bit confusing.

  • I think I'd prefer to leave it as it is, it won't affect collisions between layers when that comes. For one thing changing this will break all the rotary competition entries! And I think this just falls under quirks of the engine - it really is rotating the view, not the layer, so objects on the layer correctly appear to move anticlockwise. Is this causing anyone any significant difficulties?

  • That's fine here, just have to reverse things. I am surprised noone else has noticed this, with the compo going on. heh

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  • OK, closing as won't fix.

  • Ashley

    Oh! that explain things. I was trying to project the position of an object from an undrotated layer to a rotated one, and as it was moving clockwise, I thought "ok just have to counter-rotate when changing layer so currentAngle-LayerAngle should work"

    And to my surprise it was currentAngle+LayerAngle

    Now that I know that it's the layout that rotate, it makes more sens.

    Anyway, if you wonder how is percieved this "layerAngle" feature, I thought that the main goal of it was to rotate grouped sprites (grouped under the same layer). So yeah if I want to rotate grouped sprites 90 clockwise, I would think that the layer should rotate 90 clockwise. (And in graphic apps like photoshop it's how it is done)

    Also, even if it's a bit away from the point, following this logic, it would be intersting to be able to set the center of rotation, and also to be able to move the layer wherever we want.

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