Layer and Group Names [Construct 2 & 3]

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  • Problem Description

    After you change the group name, all events and actions that use it must also be changed. This avoids the work of having to search everywhere the group is used.

    When you working with large project. You need find and change manually. It is waste of time.


    Expected Result

    Should be like "global values". When you change any "global value name", it is affect all project. Auto changing that "global value name" everywhere. We need this for Layer and Group names.

    Construct 2 Version ID


    Construct 3 Version ID


  • Suppose you wanted to do something like layer "myLayer"&int(random(5))

  • Suppose you wanted to do something like layer "myLayer"&int(random(5))

    It should be "out of scope".

    Just try that. If you have only "myLayer" You can add action like this;

    Set layer "myLayer"&int(random(5)) visible.

    but you can't add this "myLayer1" cause you don't have this layer.

    Set layer "myLayer1" visible.

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  • As newt pointed out this is not possible in the general case: when you use an expression, the editor cannot know to update the name automatically. Therefore you have you go and check all the events anyway to update any such references.

    Additionally layers are even more difficult since you can share event sheets across layouts, and the layouts can use layers with the same name. So then if you rename just one of the layout's layers, should it rename references to that layer name in the events, or not? It's not clear which layer the event really refers to. So it can't update it, so again you have to go and check all the events anyway.

    C3 provides a "Find all references" feature to make it easy to find all the events that are certain or possible references, so you can easily review them and update them if necessary. That's probably all the editor can do to help you, since as mentioned automatically updating them is impossible in the general case.

    Closing as I don't think this can be solved better than C3 does, and it's a feature request anyway.

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