Only 1 Layer is displayed in my Tablet Device

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  • Hi. I have a Android OS 2.1 device for which I have tried making a game, following the Ghost Shooter tutorial. The problem is that only the background is displayed.

    I also tried just placing a background on one layer and the "explode" and "player" sprites on another with an Touch event so that when a sprite is touched it destroys itself. (All static, no animations)

    Since it didn't work I tried playing the game from Scirra but got the same problem, only the background is displayed. Still after a while it shows the message when you loose the game.

    I have played HTML5 games from other sites, and even though they play very slow (that's my device's fault) they are playable. So I have discarded the browser as the source of the problem.



    Tablet: AOC Breeze MW0811

    OS: Android 2.1 (EClair)

    Made With: Construct r51

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  • Hey, could you post your .capx that does this? I just want to check the features you've used and see if maybe something is tripping up the Android browser.

  • Sure, I had to redo the .capx file since I had erased it. I sent you a message with a link for the file. Thanks for your help.

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