Landing on solid behaves differently than jump-thru

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  • Is there a known issues which makes player behaviour on solid different than when standing on jump-through platforms?

    I get several issues in my character behaviour and animations depending whether they stand on a solid or not. The most obvious issue is that my character does a turn animation before is flipped, and this works fine, however my character can kick in the air, and when they land while kicking on a jump-thru it all works fine but when landing on a solid they will always do a turn animation first. This makes no sense I have applied no difference in behaviour from solids to jump-thrus, I simply call the on landed functions.

    I do not understand, I thought "on floor" and "on landed" applied to both solids and jump-thru equally, I guess not?

    I have also switched around behaviour to make sure there was nothing else at fault with the sprites and collisions and as far as I can tell all works the same, it is definetly a matter of solid vs jump-thru behaviours.

    Is there perhaps a larger margin of errors with solid collisions like the 0.0001 error or something?

  • Why don't you upload a capx file showing the error?

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  • I do not know if there is an error, I am just guessing based on the very peculiar behaviour.

    the capx is rather big, it would take on forever to go on through all events and explain them, there is like 120+ plus about 50 varaibles (and that's jsut the beginning!).

  • I'm afraid we're unable to help unless you follow the bug report requirements. Closing.

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