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  • Hi,

    I picked up something but i'm not sure if it's a bug

    I'm using R85 build, on windows7

    This happens on any project

    So step by step:

    1. Setup Preview on lan

    2. press start (default browser will open)

    3. Get your mobile device (in my case Iphone not sure if others do the same) and browse to your IP address.

    4. Ok so now if you close the browser from step 2 and press start on Construct again it will refresh the browser session on the mobile device instead of opening a new browser on the "server" machine.

    The above will happen until your phone gets into standby mode.

    Maybe it's supposed to be like this i'm not sure..

    But if we close browser on the mobile device we can only connect again if we open a browser on the "server" : i'm assuming this is because the server only starts when play is triggered.

    Maybe it could be an idea to have a "start server" button or something :)

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  • when a first browser window is closed, the second one becames the default (thus first) browser. it's this way since I remember :)


  • hum i was assuming it would be possible to connect from any device just by using the ip without having to press play or open a browser window on the Server.

  • This is by design. If you're only interested in testing on an iPhone surely you don't want the desktop browser to keep popping up?

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