keyboard controls not working on scirra arcade

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  • when previewing over lan, the game works fine, but after upload to scirra arcade, the keyboard related events don't seem to work.

    what may help you is that when I press down / up arrow on a game exported from the r79, the page scrolls up and down as if the canvas doesn't have focus, which doesn't happen in games exported from versions prior to r79

  • Also after export to html5 web site no images are loading. wtf, if this is a joke, it's really bad one.

  • Tom any ideas? Have you changed the arcade keyboard handler recently? There were no changes to the Keyboard object in the last build.

  • Ashley , Tom I just uploaded a simple testing game with just the keyboard and text plugins, and the keyboard controls worked, then I reuploaded my old game, and the keyboard doesn't work again. I don't think it's a game logic problem, as in preview and when exporting to html5 web site, the controls work as intended, only in the arcade they don't. also I think it's r79 related, because this happend right after I updated and uploaded the game from r79, earlier version from r78 worked fine. Hope that helps and I really would like to see this fixed, as the game in question is in rotary competition and already started to get low scores because of this :( cheers!

  • also, the edit box that appears in the end, I cant get it to focus, so I cannot write anything there. maybe this is also connected, the textbox is created (system->create object) at the end. also I noticed that when I focus off the tab with the game, the game pauses, maybe that's also connected :)

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  • OK, should be fixed in r79.4 now?

  • OK, should be fixed in r79.4 now?

    fixed. big thanks!

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