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  • Problem Description

    I just updated to 164.2 and now my game, which worked fine before, throws out this error.

    Javascript error!

    Uncaught Type error: Cannot read property 'type' of undefined http://localhost:50000/eveng.js, line 2039(col undefined)

    I believe it occurs when all picked family instances have been destroyed.

    Ashley Please fix asap as i can't do anything until it's fixed.

  • Please can you release an interim update with a fix, i'm completly scuppered until then.

  • Why do you try to compare a string with lowest/highest?

    Are you rather trying to compare the length of the string?

    Anyway, I gave it a look, and it seems to be a real bug.

    If you are really in a hurry you can try replacing C:/..../construct2/exporter/html5/eveng.js with this one :


    Use this at your own risk (: (in any case it will be replace by a new update)

    The only thing I added in it was on line 1868 :


    					this.get = this.get_familyvar;[/code:2wq8ymuv]by:[code:2wq8ymuv]
    					this.get = function() {
                            return this.get_familyvar(this.index);
    Note that it's not enough, you also have to check that instances are present, doing this (else you'll also get an error):
  • I didn't wan't to post my game and this was an easy way to get the bug message to appear.

    Thanks for the quick fix, but i'll roll back a version and wait for an official update.

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  • Should be fixed in next build.

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