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  • This is not a proper bug but it's important to fix.

    The current implementation of the retina display works beautifully on the iPhone, not so much on the iPad3.

    The way you are doing it now is to create a canvas the same size of the native resolution, but currently this is not plausible on the ipad3, to the point that an app that works 60fps per second without retina jumps down to less than 1fps.

    The technology just isn't there for such a resolution, especially with matching resolution images.

    I'm fixing it this way:

    var isiPad = navigator.userAgent.match(/iPad/i) != null;

    if(isiPad === true){

    c2_retina = false;

    } else {

    c2_retina = true;


    Then passing the value here:















    I think that you should REALLY consider adding an option somewhere to disable this for iPads, because currently is IMPOSSIBLE to get anything more than 1fps with retina support on on iPad3 and retina is not supported on the previous generation.

    This doesn't concern only PhoneGap but the browser as well.

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  • I'm guessing this is your problem: http://www.scirra.com/forum/my-game-lags-in-landscape_topic58532.html

    It's not actually the retina mode that's the problem, it's something else about some of the display modes when viewed in landscape. I can get 250-350 sprites onscreen at 60 fps on an iPad 3 as long as I'm using full screen letterbox and not full screen crop, or using portrait and crop instead of landscape and crop.

    Try it in portrait or in fullscreen letterbox mode, does that fix it?

  • I'm actually using portait myself. The culprit is the retina support, because when disable it works like a charme.

    I firmly believe that the density is simply too much to handle without openGL.

    And in any case there is something wrong somewhere, I mantain that we need a way to programmatically disable retina mode on certain devices.

  • Can you post an example of it not working? Try this test, how many objects do you get at 60 fps in portrait mode?


  • 0plus1 - usually I try to avoid hardware-specific features, since it can change quickly and become irrelevant (e.g. with iPad 4, iPad mini possibly, etc.) However having seen iPad 3 running pretty poorly in retina mode myself, I do think there's a real use case for this. I've changed 'Use iOS retina display' to have 'Never', 'iPhone only' and 'All devices' in the next build. Hopefully that will allow you to get good performance everywhere.

  • Ashley thank you, this is great.

  • 0plus1

    As I don't have an iphone, I'm curious what the performance difference is. Can you let this test sit for a minute or two and tell me how many sprites you get on an iphone? Don't test it as an app on the home screen though, that causes it to not work, simply please check it in safari: http://www.amirai.net/ipad/r105/

    On the ipad 3 ios6 I get it wavering between about 350-400. On ios 5 it was about 250.

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