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    As of today, IOS 10 should support the TTS API used by C2 ( ) , I get positive feedback when checking for TTS but not for user media and speech doesn't trigger, maybe for a related reason to the return value of the "is usermedia supported (see below)".

    Attach a Capx

    I also have a version hosted here for testing directly :

    Description of Capx

    The capx starts two requests, one to see if the user media is supported, changing then the text on the left. The other requests checks to see if the speech synth is supported and changes the text on the right. On start of layout a sentence is triggered form TTS, as well as when you tap the screen (touch plugin). If the TTS works, you should hear a sentence. I made this to test TTS in many browsers.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • download capx OR Use link above
    • export project so you can play it online on ipad OR play over local network in preview mode OR use link above
    • open safari or chrome on IOS and point to the URL ( local network or host URL)
    • tap the screen to start the sentence
    • See if user media and speech synthesis are supported

    Observed Result

    on IOS (tested on safari, chrome , via hosted site and local wifi network, the usermedia says that it is not supported, but the speech synth is. However no speech comes out . Both are supported on windows and OSX and the text works. As of today, speech synth should be supported on IOS 10 but doesn't seem to work really?

    Expected Result

    If the request to see that the speech synth give a true, I am expecting it to work, why can there be a configuration where the user media is not supported if the speech synth is in the first place?

    here is a snapshot of what you should see if that works:

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome IOS: (YES)
    • Safari IOS: (YES)
    • Chrome (mac/PC): (NO)
    • Safari (PC): (NO)
    • FireFox(PC): (NO) Operating System and Service Pack ____ Windows 10 pro ____ Construct 2 Version ID ____r242 ____
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  • I can't access your .capx file. Please make sure it's public when filing bugs.

    I tested C2's built-in speech synthesis example on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 10.2, and it worked fine, so closing.

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