IOS 8 Past Sound Effects Play When Switching Between Tabs

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  • Problem Description

    On IOS 8.1.3 and 8.1.4 on an iPad AIR, iPad Mini, and iPhone 6+ when playing a construct 2 created project, triggering sound effects that were converted from PCM16 Wav files using the construct interface; these audio files will play all at once when you open a new browser tab, switch to that tab, then switch back to the construct 2 game.

    I have confirmed that this does not happen in already created games like space shooter. It only happens when you import a new audio my knowledge since r206.

    This may be related to:

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx

    This is a zip archive containing the "Autorunner" sample modified to import 2 sounds and play sounds when jumping and hitting the blue box to trigger a coin effect. This archive also contains a folder "originalAudioFiles" that contains the original .wav files before being imported into construct2.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Open the project, and publish it to a location that will allow you to test it from an ios device.
    • Play the autorunner and generate some sound by jumping.
    • Open a new tab.
    • Navigate back to the tab with autorunner. It should intermittently play a large group of sound effects all at once.

    Observed Result

    Will play several past sound effects all at once when switching tabs.

    Expected Result

    Previous sound effects should not play at all when switching between tabs.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (NO)
    • FireFox: (NO)
    • Internet Explorer: (NO)
    • Safari on IOS: (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    IOS 8.1.3 and 8.1.4

    Construct 2 Version ID

    R212.2 64bit and R206

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  • i have the same problem, i exported my game to iOS and the problem is still happening, also this can really crash the game and its a huuuuge problem.

  • Ashley please check this bug.

  • I'm so glad I found this thread. yCUzWzM2HJGV IJCT just to be sure have you guys physically published to the App Store or is this a browser based app? Did you use Intel XDK or other wrapper?

    I'm experiencing this exact problem on an app published on 27th August to the iOS App Store. When you press the home button to come out of the app, and then go back into it, every single SFX that has played so far IN THAT LAYOUT will play at once. This could blow the speakers on the device! It affects all SFX that have been placed inside the "Sounds" folder. The bug has been seen on iPad Air 2 and iPhone 5c (devices we have available) both of which have the latest version iOS installed.

    The app is exported out of Construct with the Cordova option and then we use Intel XDK to wrap as an iOS app. Also created a test app and was able to reproduce them all playing when coming back into the app. It seems the issue is in the export process of either Construct or XDK, as it won't happen when previewing.

    Made quite a long worded thread about this in the General forum, but no replies. Have since done some tests so I'm going to make another thread in here very soon with better information.

    This is quite a big issue and we're also experiencing some even worse audio problems that could be related. We get a random loud POP or BZZT that often kills all audio on the app permanently, EVEN IF THE APP IS RESTARTED. Only fixes itself if another app with sound is loaded before loading the my app again. That issue can sometimes trigger when receiving a touch input. Might have something to do with music only being able to be heard after a touch input?

    Another issue we have is all SFX randomly becoming very low quality, sounding bitcrushed and lower pitch.

    So weird and frustrating! We've staggered an update to our app just because of this issue and have lost WEEKS OF TIME OVER IT. This needs to be addressed ASAP.

  • Yes, it was related to this bug, which should be fixed in the next beta. It's actually a bug in Safari 8 and is already fixed in Safari 9, but the next beta adds a workaround to the Safari 8 bug anyway which fixes it.

    Begeegee - it won't blow the device speakers, at worst it will just reach peak digital level (0 dBFS) but this should not blow the speakers or playing the average commercial pop track would blow the speakers too

  • Ashley Ahh good to know.

    I'm curious, you said it's a bug in Safari 8 but from what I remember Cordova/Crosswalk makes the game run in a sort of limited Chrome browser? Or if the target is for it to be an iOS App does it use Safari then?

  • Crosswalk is only for Android. iOS only supports the Safari browser engine.

  • amazing! glad it will be fixed! tons of people were telling me about that problem in my game.

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