iOS 3D Touch Bug

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  • Problem Description

    When using a device that supports 3D touch, when you are applying force to one object and then press a second obcject simultaneously, the second object wont respond to the "is touching" event.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 Have object A and B respond to an "is touching" event
    • Step 2 Run the game on a force touch enabled device (iphone 6s)
    • Step 3 etc. Press strongly on object A then tap object B

    Observed Result

    The tap on object B is not triggering

    Expected Result

    The tap on object B should trigger


    50% - It seems more easy to reproduce if you strongly quick tap and hold on the first button

    Operating System and Service Pack

    iOS 9.2

    On a Phonegap build

    Also happening on web using the Chrome App

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 216


    Make sure to run it on a force 3D enabled device (iphone 6s, keep touching the buttons simultaneously, eventually they stop working)

    Video Demostration ... oVideo.wmv

    capx file ... chBug.capx

  • Are you creating correct events for multiple touch inputs?

  • Yes Im sure, my game was working fine on non force touch devices, then I got an iPhone 6s then I saw the bug, see the demo project and try it. Sometimes it take some tries but just keep multitouching the buttons until one stops responding.

    Scirra, please help me with this, its affecting my product already on the App Store

    Thank you

  • I have been testing further, the problem also ocurs to non 3D touch devices, but only running on the Chrome browser or Cordova/phonegapps Apps.

    When using safari it works fine.

    I wonder why on Safari works fine, but when making a phonegap App it fails.

  • Can't test here, but you might try using "nth" touch conditions as a work around.

  • Can't test here, but you might try using "nth" touch conditions as a work around.

    Cant use NTH touch for that, the condition is when any touch is on an object, the bug is happening because its not registering that the second object is being touched.

  • I can't reproduce this on a Nexus 9 (Android). Are you sure the iPhone 6S hardware supports multiple force touches? I've not seen any references indicating multitouch works with force touch simultaneously, especially since it's awkward to force-touch with one finger and then use another finger to do a separate touch somewhere else. So it might just be that this is not a feature of the device!

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  • Ashley, you can also reproduce it on a non #D touch device, I managed to reproduce it on an iPhone 5s on the Chrome browser. I was not able to reproduce it on the Safari browser.

    Same as on the Chrome browser when I create a phone gap app from it, it also has the bug.

    Try running it on an iPhone 5s on a Chrome browser

  • Ashley, where you able to reproduce this with the info I posted?

  • Is that using the .capx you posted? I tested it on both an iPad Air 2 and Chrome on a Nexus 9, neither had any issues.

  • Yes, the bug can be reproduced in the .capx I posted, it is not necessary a force touch bug, I could reproduce it on an iPhone 5 on Chrome.

    You can see in the video the bug, it is not 100% reproductable but you can make it happen after playing with it for a few seconds.

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