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  • Problem Description

    When i have added items to the layout, and have teh grid on it may appear all aligned correct.

    I then press cntl, and drag to make a copy object and change its size, it still appears fine.

    however when i now move this object it jumps to between the grid lines.

    Hard to give an exact example as i have copies of copies but playing around with making an object from size 100, 600, then clone it and make it 25,600 on a 25 grid and it does off grid.

    origins are all correctly aligned.

    A good test actually, make a 25 , 25 grid.

    then make a sprite, resize it to 25,25, check origin is 12.5 and fill it black. on the layout it now sites between your grid of 25 lines.

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  • hmm, actually it aligns to origin, so maybe this is user error?

    however I have also noticed that at somepoint set objects of a set size seemed to change, for example earlier parts of a level made with blocks at 100x500 becaome 102x504 . ? Only thing i can see i could of done to cause this is turn the grid off for a while, should premade objects then change if you do this?

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