Intel XDK exporting bug(Android)

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  • Hi guys!

    Today I made a game for Android(.apk file), and exported it with Intel XDK.

    Then I posted this game on Google Play.

    Here is a link(russian game)

    So, I started to download game on my phone.

    Downloading and installing succeed.

    I oped game and saw loading menu, but then some lines appeared.

    Here's a picture:

    <img src="" border="0">

    Phone model: HTC Sensation

    I tryed to tap on the lines, but nothing happen.

    What is it?

    Can you download this game and try to play, or just tell me what's the matter with it?

    Thank you a lot!

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines and include a .capx.

  • so what happened?did you find what went wrong?i have exactly the same desktops browser the game runs ok but when i built it for mobile to test it in my devices the grey lines take place and nothing appears..i test it in my phone armv6 800mhz 512mb ram and in my tablet rk3066 dual core 1.5ghz, 1gb ram, without any success.Please Ashley i think that a tutorial video for these cases (exporting and building via 3rd party app)will be very welcome instead of a post.because maybe we miss something in a build process.i build up the same game with cocoonjs and have no problem (except the 25fps lol....) and also with node webkit also without problem.

  • Same problem here. I tried the "New Project" Intel XDK template as is with just one text box and also with nothing added. It works great on my android device via the XDK app-lab simulator but when I install the build (create apk and install on tablet) I get the same grey lined screen as in sergyperov's screenshot above.

    I tried exporting with both app game interface and phone browser.

    Here is a link to the capx and the apk built using Intel XDK

  • Construct 2 is smart enough to not export correctly gulman "games" from gulman "developers" )))

  • hmmm...I think I missed that this discusion is 'closed'. I'm new here and I didn't realize it would be possible to post to a 'closed discussion' so I missed that. I will repost this to a new post in Bugs

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