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  • Hello, I am here to correct that: (I bought the cramberry plugins)

    • My game is landscape but is always portrait (already used the screenlockorientationlandscape unsuccessfully)
    • My audios not automatically reproduce, need to one tap to play (already in m4a and ogg)
    • Another app no internet functions on the smartphone (but when emulate the XDK own works)

    I've selected all cordova plugins, I have done all possible steps to import html5 projects in the XDK, and I export without miniscript.

    I use r200 construct and intel 1912 xdk

  • Oh, I almost forgot, game center does not work either. Test it all on my iphone 4s iOS 8.3

  • its sounds like your building using the android option in xdk and not the crosswalk option. the emulator in xdk uses the crosswalk. Are you using the cordova export? that is what cranberrygame's plugins are made for. this doesnt seem like a post for the bug section but more so the how do i section of the forums

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines when posting to the Bugs forum else there is nothing we can do to help.

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