Input Delay on OSX Build

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  • Problem Description

    Building an OSX node-webkit build of *any* capx game, including the demos, results in a game where ALL input is delayed by a number of seconds.

    Attach a Capx

    Use any of the included demo/tutorial games that require input (eg. Platformer)

    Description of Capx

    Any input-driven capx will work...

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1: Build Nodewebkit Export of game.
    • Step 2: Bring game to OSX
    • Step 3: Run game & try to control

    Observed Result

    Input lags massively.

    Expected Result

    Input does not lag at all.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (NO)
    • FireFox: (NO)
    • Internet Explorer: (NO)

    Only Node-Webkit and only on OSX. Windows EXE file is fine.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 to build, OSX Mavericks to run.

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Beta 175

  • Downgraded project to 173 and the issue is not present when i export, so this is definitely something that was introduced in 174 (i know someone else posted about it re: 174).

  • Was nervous about continuing dev after downgrading the project file itself -- was worried id introduce other bugs inherently by forcing the downgrade.

    Instead I tried just replacing the exporters/html/nodewebkit folder in 175 with the one from 173 and it works without issue now. So im back to using 175 on my 175 project, but the nodewebkit exporter from 173 and it's all good.

    Also confirms the issue lies within the nodewebkit exporter and not construct 2 itself, if that helps any..



  • Thanks Nate.

    I have the same issue and solved it with your trick.

    Big bug though...

  • There is not much we can do about this, nothing in C2's engine has anything to do with input delays - it would happen at the browser or OS level. The next build updates to node-webkit 0.10.1 so hopefully that fixes it, but if not, please report the issue to the node-webkit developers.

  • Ashley, what is the version of node-webkit being used for the 173 release vs the version used for 174/175?

    Would you revert back to the older version for the stable build if it doesn't get fixed? You would technically not be able to say that OSX is supported any more if the stable build has a broken version of node-webkit that exports useless OSX builds.

    The workaround to copy out the 'old' node-webkit folder works but if its broken beyond use, why even include it to begin with?

  • r174-5 ship node-webkit 0.10.0-rc1, and the next build will ship node-webkit 0.10.1. Hopefully that fixes it. If not contact the node-webkit developers - going back versions is not a long term practical solution since Chrome is always updating and node-webkit is moving forwards with it.

  • Ashley, Sounds good, thanks. Just trying to save headaches of other peeps building mac versions who may not have found this thread. Ill keep you posted (on this thread?) once i test with the next build.

  • Ashley Unfortunately 176 with node-webkit 0.10.1 doesnt fix the issue. Reverting back to the nwk distributed in 173 is still a workaround (can you confirm if i should not be doing this though -- will other errors occur?)

    Also, could you please give me quick guidance on how (where) to report a bug to node-webkit 0.10.1? Thank you so much.

  • Ashley, also - what was the version of node-webkit in 173, so I can properly report a bug. I think i found the right place to report on github.

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  • Ashley - i am trying to get help from Roger as you suggested, but he tells me stuff built in construct 2 and exported to a website then run in node-webkit 0.10.1 is running fine... i dont know what to tell him with this. all I know is whatever node-webkit version from 173 is working fine, and whatever version was in use on 174 & 175 is no longer fine.

    He is saying he can run stuff from 0.10.1 without an issue, but yet there are people on here and on github saying the input lag is evident from 174+... only on the mac build. Im trying to troubleshoot in the blind: do you have any info I can give him that might help him figure it out if its a node-webkit issue?

    Sorry & thanks.

  • I tried that fix you did, copying the node-webkit folder from exporters/html5 from version 171 to 173 to override my current 175 version.

    Export game, crash on startup.

    Also, the 175 NW export not only doesn't recognize touch/mouse input, it's screwing up my audio too on MAC.


  • I could reproduce so posted a node-webkit bug report here:

    There was a previous report but it did not include an example that reproduced the problem. Our bug guidelines (include an example; steps to reproduce; identify affected versions etc) apply pretty much universally so don't forget that when using other issue trackers.

  • Closing as fixed in r177.

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